Policy of Renovation S.L. in yellow and orange phase

In order to prevent the spread to both employees and customers, we apply the following measures without exception.

1- When visiting for an estimate, We try as much as possible to have a single representative of Rénovation S.L. at the site of the estimate. In addition, the representative and the client must wear a mask at all times for the duration of the visit.

2- All of our employees are required to wash their hands each time entering and exiting the truck, and the mask must be worn in the truck if there is more than one person.

3- The customer must avoid entering the work site, if this is not possible, he or she must wear the mask.

4- It is preferable for customers to deal directly with the representative of Rénovation S.L. at all times and to avoid close contact with our employees in the workplace. In addition, the customer and employees must have a mask when the distance of 2 meters cannot be respected.

5- Employees should wash their hands every time they enter or leave workplaces, even if it is only to pick up a tool.

6- Toilets: If a contract lasts more than 4 days, renovation S.L. will assume the costs for the rental of a chemical toilet. Employees should use this rather than the customers’s. This also applies to the manager of Rénovation S.L. A hand sanitizer will also be provided, employees must use it when entering and leaving.

In the event that a contract lasts less than 4 days, we will make an agreement with the customer for the use of their bathroom under certain conditions. The manager of Renovation S.L. must before use, disinfect all surfaces of the bathroom likely to be affected. The same is true after each use.

In the event that a customer refuses access to his bathroom, he will have to cover the costs of the rental of a chemical toilet, it must be in place and accessible before the start of the work.

Thank you for your attention. These precautions will be explained to each employee and to our customers before work begins.

It should be noted that if the province of New Brunswick switches to the RED phase, the work in progress will be suspended. An arrangement could be applied between the clientele and Rénovation S.L.